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We offer a unique combination of assessments, analysis, and skill-building exercises, using both proprietary instruments and internationally-known resources to detect strengths and obstacles in team practice and leadership. Our model is based on an overall commitment to agile teams and leadership and grounded in social and psychological science.

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Team Stage Development (TSD) Survey

Our proprietary survey instrument gauges the strength of team practices across 12 dimensions, detecting the relative degree of individualistic to cooperative to the collaborative workflow on the team, as well as team members' and leaders' expectations of each other. Findings are summarized in a graphic team dashboard and accompanying report identifying strengths and targeted areas to improve.

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Teamology Questionnaire

Doug Wilde's Teamology research conducted at Stanford University is the basis for this instrument which we use to assess the relative presence of eight cognitive styles on each team. The assessment produces team scores, mapping the distribution of cognitive styles, and providing each team with specific feedback on how to maximize effectiveness by drawing on the combinations of styles.

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Remote Team Health (RTH) Survey

This survey instrument was developed specifically to gauge the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on previously co-located teams. Most information-based teams have abruptly shifted to working remotely, with no opportunity to take stock of the impacts of this transition.  The Remote Team Health survey identifies tensions experienced by team members and their impact on employee wellbeing and productivity.

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Organizational Culture Questionnaire

Our culture assessment draws upon the model developed by Dan Denison, measuring and comparing the relative strength of 12 factors that contribute to organizational culture. This instrument was based on work with thousands of companies globally and produces data on the ways your organizational culture enhances or obstructs productive teamwork, self-organization, and collaboration.

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Leader Versatility Development (LVD)

This proprietary survey instrument, based upon our approach to team leadership, detects the main emphasis in participants' current work with their team--directive, instructive, facilitative, or consultative leadership--as well as a leader's ease in fluidly shifting strategies in response to changing circumstances.

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Immunity to Change Assessment

Bob Kegan's team immunity research conducted at Harvard is the basis for this workshop and assessment process. Through a series of exercises, we guide a team, or team of teams, in gaining insight into those limiting assumptions and commitments that chronically prevent them from achieving their goals.

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Action Inquiry

Developed by Bill Torbert, the Action Inquiry process assists a leader or team in defining a developmental goal and accompanying plan.  The process begins with goal-setting and identifying strategies.  Tactics are executed in iterations toward goal attainment.  Each iteration includes documenting experiences and insights about what is working and why: this is a powerful and proven process that we use in our mentoring and coaching programs.

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