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Our Science

Organizational research provides a wealth of theoretical insight into the dynamics of successful teams. Team Adaptability's unique contribution is to operationalize the science in a way that generates consumable learning and practices for teams and their leaders.

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Team Stage Development

Organizational science has long recognized that teams must go through a developmental path comprising multiple stages in order to achieve the capacity to respond with agility. 


Team Stage Development™ uniquely operationalizes these scientific findings with proprietary diagnostic tools that enable us to gauge team members’ collaboration skills, the level of complexity the team's current mission, and the alignment versus gap between leadership styles with team needs to maximize their success.

Leader Versatility

Using our Leader Versatility Development survey and interview data, we provide detailed feedback about a leader's preferred style in relation to their current mission. We identify key behaviors to optimize and deficits to confront, with the aim of optimizing the alignment of your leadership strategies with the mission's complexity and the team's maturity.

Our overall aim is increased versatility: the capacity to shift gears in leadership style in response to changes in team needs or the business environment. Our approach works both with team leaders and those who lead teams of teams.

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Team Adaptability

A team is adaptive when team members are able to creatively self-organize in response to changing circumstances in order to achieve the team’s mission. While adaptive teams are easy to recognize, concrete metrics and actionable feedback about the strategies needed to build adaptive performance has not been available until now.

We provide science-based, concrete learning, and practices that are consumable by teams and their leaders in the context of their current work. 

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